lifetime piling up
freeze-dried fragments



In keeping with the spirit of my painting project 'Autobiographobia' and its theme of concealing and revealing, I shall avoid as much biography as possible on this page. I am, however, happy to reveal that I am a Scottish painter based in Liverpool.

In this era of seemingly ubiquitous self-revelation on the web and in the press, together with the general avalanche of information overload, I hope to let what poetry there may be in my work stand alone and speak for itself, and for me.

My work has changed dramatically in recent years, and I see my Liverpool Biennial Exhibition in 2002 - Images from The Complete History of Sexual Jealousy - as a creative year zero. I am proud of what went before, however, the work in previous exhibitions now seems strangely foreign to me. I am sure that in time I will feel differently, but at the moment I want the viewer to concentrate on the new paintings, without the distraction of previous works.

I was a prizewinner in the Sefton Open painting competition 2003. The painting was purchased by the Atkinson Gallery, Southport, for their permanent public collection. I was offered a solo show there during the summer of 2004, and I saw the resulting exhibition - Lifetime Piling Up - as a summing-up of my development over the previous five years. I am a full-time artist, with work in both public and private collections in the UK, the USA and Australia.

I am currently involved in a long term painting project, 'Memory Palace', at the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool. The project is being developed in a range of media, including installation, a book and film.

Recent selected exhibitions:


'Images from The Complete History of Sexual Jealousy', Biennial Independents, Bluecoat, Liverpool.


'Sefton Open', Atkinson Gallery, Southport. (Painting Competition Group show). Prize Winner.


'Recent Work', View Gallery, Liverpool.

'Lifetime Piling Up', Atkinson Gallery, Southport.

'Autobiographobia', Biennial Independents, Bluecoat, Liverpool.


'Inaugural', Biennial Independents, The Albany, Liverpool, (Group show).


'Memory Palace', launch. Biennial Independents, Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool.

A full CV/resumé can be supplied to any interested galleries.