memory palace | residency project

Artist in Residence: Laird Galbraith

Are you visiting, or staying at, the Britannia Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, UK? Perhaps you, friends and family, or business colleagues have spent time there in the past, or intend to in the future?

I am inviting people to take part in an art project depicting the visitors to, and the life of, the Adelphi Hotel.

All contributors will be eligible for a prize draw to win a painting worth 1,000 (contact details must be supplied to be eligible).

Simply send me a copy of any photo(s) taken in or around the Adelphi, during your visit/stay.

Participants can also choose to contribute a small selection of photos from their own lives to create a more personal 'memory portrait'. These photos will be used by me as source material for my paintings and related studies.

Your actual photos will not be shown, published or displayed in any form. They are simply the source material for me to paint from.

If you would like me to photograph aspects of your visit to the hotel or would simply like to discuss the project more fully, please see contact details below.

Correspondence and images to:
(Tel) 07711502323

You are welcome to visit me at my studio by appointment: Mon-Sat 11am-7pm.

memory palace
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